The app that revolutionized the world of video editing in Android mobile is KineMaster. So how are you guys, in this post you are going to download this revolutionary video editing app.

So what's the delay, download KineMaster Mod APK now and show your glory to the whole world.

KineMaster Mod APK (4k Support + No Watermark) Download 2021

Updated 30/10/2021
Size 96 Mb
Mod Features 4K Support No Watermark
Developer KineMaster Corporation
Requirements Android 6.0+
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Do you know what special and new features you will get in this app?

A video combining or merging, variety of fonts, special effects, fun filters, voice-over and adding music, and more. But 4K Support and No Watermark are its highlighted features.

KineMaster Pro Description

Kinemaster is a video editing app offered by KineMaster Corporation. It's a tool that helps convert ordinary videos into professional videos easily. It is very easy to use, it can be easily learned by any clumsy person.

KineMaster Mod APK (4k Support + No Watermark) For Android

You can directly share edited videos on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It will save your time.

Supporting Devices for Kinemaster PRO

  • Android Mobile
  • Tablet
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • MacBook
  • Windows PC/Laptop
  • Chromebook

Features of KineMaster Mod APK

  • You can re-edit any video anytime from saved projects.
  • Export video in all the available qualities.
  • Cut or Crop video from anywhere.
  • Combine and Merge two or more videos.

Download KineMaster Mod APK (4k Support + No Watermark)

You can add images, videos, stickers, text, fonts, effects and filters to make an informative video. In the term of Audio, you can add music (in format mp3, m4a, aac, wav and amr). Apart from this, you can also voice over your videos. Not only this, you can change the voice of music or recording with the help of different effects.

KineMaster Mod APK (4k Support + No Watermark) Free Download

Export your edited video project in 4K resolution. It doesn't stick any Watermark in the exported video. You can edit and save your video from 30fps to 60fps.

How to use Kinemaster?

Just launch the KineMaster app on your mobile and create new projects. Choose the video resolution style and orientation according to your video projects. Add photos and videos you want to edit. Now, treat your video in your style and make a professional video.

Now, you reach the final step called video exporting. Keep in mind, the video resolution and video bitrate are different. Select and adjust both of them carefully, because it affects your video quality.

You are almost done!

Download KineMaster Mod APK (4k Support + No Watermark) Free For Android

Now, click on Export Video. Remember, do not turn off the device and apply any operation while video exporting.

Hey, congrats! your video is on your device's gallery. Now, you will be able to watch and share it with your friends.


Kinemaster can be a great app when you need to make some unique videos and don't have a highly configured system like a computer.

If you want to use its premium features for free then you can download KineMaster Mod APK. However, if you are able to purchase a KineMaster Premium subscription, buy and use it.

It is completely your choice to download the modified version of KineMaster or not. We neglect to use it. We recommend that you use the normal KineMaster app.
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