Are you using any third-party app to increase Instagram followers? If yes, don't do it. Because maybe you can face heavy losses in the future.

Some third-party apps and websites promise users that they will increase your Instagram followers quickly for free. Then, innocent users put their account information in those apps by falling prey to them.

There are also some paid apps that claim to increase your followers, and they actually increase some of your followers. But believe me, these followers are not real, this is just a bot.

Now the question is "How do I increase genuine followers on Instagram".

Don't feel curious, I can help you.

grow real followers on Instagram

In this post, I am sharing the legit tips to grow your Instagram account organically and increase your real followers.

Tips to Increase Real Followers on Instagram

Keep in mind that I have not used any shortcuts in these tips. All the mentioned information is proven in it.

1) Improve your Instagram Page

Improve your Instagram Page by following below things:
  • Profile Picture: When someone looks at your feed, your profile picture is the first image that tells your new visitor what you and your brand are all about.
  • Username: It is the lifeblood of your Instagram account because the username is used to discover your profile, your brand, and a critical factor whether a person will follow you or not.
  • Bio: The bio is a space where Instagram users get to give visitors a first introduction of who they are, what they do, and what they have to offer.
  • Image Caption: The importance of captioning lies in its ability to make images more accessible in numerous ways.

2) Publish Content Consistently

Beginners often make this mistake, they post content randomly. Do not post randomly and fix a schedule for posting content.

Maybe your followers increased because you were lucky. but it won't help unless you publish the post by being consistent. And one day your followers will start decreasing.

A brand always publishes its post consistently. Consistency is defined your profile as a brand and makes engagement between your follower. So, don't avoid consistency and post content in a good manner.

Bonus Tips: If you have busy schedule, then use the schedule post feature. This features help you to post images, videos and reels in selected time and date.

3) Collaborate with high Authority Accounts

You can get genuine followers if you collaborate with other Instagram accounts. It might be a good idea to collaborate with high-authority Pages that belong to your Page's category. For this, you have to approach the owner of the high-authority pages. You can contact them directly through mail or DM.

If things work out, you can both publish posts about yourself mentioning each other's accounts. This will give your followers another page on which they will get the same content as your page. And apart from this, followers of other Instagram accounts will also visit your page and follow you.

This will increase your community and your reach too. Your account will start boosting and the number of your real followers will start increasing rapidly.

4) Don't use Third-Party Websites or Apps

As I said at the beginning of the article, people use many websites and apps to increase their Instagram followers. But now you will say that "our followers have increased and we did not face any kind of problem".

Maybe because you were lucky. But believe me, these followers can be fake or bots or followers have been exchanged from your account with many other accounts. By using these third-party platforms, you are destroying your privacy. Apart from this, even if your followers have increased, then they are useless for you, they can only increase the number of your followers.

Not only this but your real followers are also affected by this and your real existing followers also start decreasing. Do not make such a mistake in the pursuit of increasing followers, it can harm you a lot.

5) Always Try to Build Trust Flow

If you have a personal Instagram page or any other category, you should always build your trust. If you are publishing a post on your page, which will benefit the user, then the chances of increasing your followers are very high. This also increases the trust of your branding and gives very good performance to your business.

Before posting any type of information, make sure that the information is accurate and up to date. Because any inconvenience to your followers can cause you to lose them.

Keep one more thing in mind, sometimes followers unfollow you if they don't understand the information properly. So try to publish information in easy words and make sure anyone can easily consume it.

6) Sponsor Only Genuine Products

Many fake companies and brands can approach you for many such products which do not work properly. For this, they also promise to give you a lot of money right here. Of course, you will earn a lot of money, but it is not good from the long-term point of view.

It hurts your trust flow and your followers start decreasing. Also, it hurts your branding image too. So don't do that. Always promote the products of trusted brands. If you use a product and you get good results from it, you can sponsor that product on your Instagram handle. This will also benefit your followers and no doubt they will share your post or not.

7) Always being Humble with Your Followers

Being humble with your customers is very important in making any business successful. Whether your customers are fewer or more, it doesn't matter. Similarly, on Instagram, you have to serve your followers better.

If you publish a post, then keep an eye on the reactions given on it and analyze them. If you get good reactions and comments on your post, then you should thank them as the answer for that.

If you see any negative reaction, then understand it deeply and if that reaction is correct then answer your followers in a humble way for the inconvenience caused by it like - "We are sorry for the inconvenience, we will fix it as soon as possible, You can visit our other products that will you like".

In Case, if you come across any baseless comments or reactions, then ignore them.

8) Use Proper Hashtags

Always choose the best #Hashtag before publishing any post and use it wisely. Using hashtags can prove beneficial for your post. Hashtags convey your post to the people who are searching for your post. Apart from this, many hashtags trend on Instagram and many users take advantage of this and increase the reach of their account.

If you want to boost your post and want to reach your post to the targeted users, then you must use hashtags. Do not use hashtags on which too many posts have been pinned. Because this can give competition to your post.
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